Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Prime TV New Zealand to screen Ellen MacArthur "In The Eye of the Storm"

Prime TV New Zealand to screen Ellen MacArthur: In The Eye of the Storm.

Prime TV

SPECIAL: Ellen MacArthur: In The Eye of the Storm
7:30pm, Sunday 30 January 2005

In a BBC premiere special on Prime, it’s the extraordinary journey of a gutsy 25-year old who sailed into the history books to become the youngest and fastest yachtswoman to cruise around the world single-handed.
Ellen MacArthur thrives on extremes. After her record-breaking, life-threatening performance in the Vendee Globe round-the-world race, many people thought she might relax into cosy celebrity. Her response was to announce an attempt on the Jules Verne Challenge, the record for non-stop sailing around the world. The current record is 64 days. Ellen hoped to do it in 60.
This one-hour special on Prime follows Ellen’s challenge from start to finish: the intensive crew-selection process, the preparation of the massive boat, the ups and downs of life on board and the ultimate triumph or failure.