Sunday, January 23, 2005

New in the Toy Dept: Sony DVD recorder RDRHX900

Went shopping last weekend and came home with a Sony DVD recorder RDRHX900. It was my “Happy Birthday to me” present. This is to replace an old VHS machine that has given years of good service time shifting the bulk of my viewing. The X900 is a nice unit and the only one available here that can record all the common DVD formats (DVD+RW/-RW/-R).

The nice thing is you don't have to record any format DVD unless you want to archive the content thanks to 160gb of Hard Disc Drive space built in. This allows approx 70–200 hours of recording depending on the quality level chosen. Content can be stored on the HDD and written to DVD when authored. It has a program list with thumbnails/time and title(if input) which makes finding all that content easy. Its early days and I still have a hefty manual to read but it has been no hassle to master the basics.

I have many aging Video 8 and VHS tapes that I shot and edited when was home video was a major hobby. I don’t do much of that now but want to migrate those tapes before they die. In addition to time shifting this was the prime reason to get the new toy.

For 15 years have been thinking “I’ll tape this”; what will it be now “I’ll disc this”?