Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Maximus: SuperMaxi racing yacht

I saw the new SuperMaxi racing yacht Maximus on the harbour for the first time on Sunday, while cycling. Unfortunately by the time I got a clear view from North Head for it was motoring.

Team EBS founders Charles Brown and Bill Buckley asked designer Greg Elliot to come up with the “fastest boat for its size”. Size was about the only criteria and at 30.5 metres (approx 100ft) overall length its huge! Comparison with the super-yacht and smaller boats around it (see photo) gives some idea of the scale.

Built by Cookson Boat Builders Maximus pushes the limits of SuperMaxi design with a carbon hull, canting (swing) keel and rotating wing mast. The links below show some of the design and technology behind this impressive project.

Next time, I’ll catch it in action!

Maximus Weblinks:

Video (Broadband and Dialup) featuring interviews with EBS bosses Charles Brown and Bill Buckley as well as members of the design team, boat builder and more.

Gallery: CAD design and tank testing

Maximus sea trials (Greg Elliot website news-page)