Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Billy Connolly - World Tour of New Zealand

Billy Connolly’s series World Tour of New Zealand is currently screening here. The 100% Pure New Zealand site have a great page about the series including slides, stories and links to things & places seen in the show.

They also have a day by day route map. If you are planning a trip to NZ its a great place to start.

Billy Connolly in New Zealand
Filming magnificent sperm whales, having a cup of tea on a back road to no-where, eating shellfish plucked from the sand with local Maori…
These are just some of the memories Billy Connolly has of his unique tour of New Zealand for the fourth Billy Connolly World Tour television series. Guess what? You can have the very same experience.

World tour of New Zealand Route - Day by day maps and activities

His own site is awesome. “Isn’t it the best looking place you’ve ever seen?” he asks and it is!